You know that this is for you and I know that you remember…

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, beastial,
squatting upon the ground
held his heart in his hands and ate of it.

I said
“Is it good friend?”
“It is bitter-bitter”
He answered
“But I like it,
Because it is bitter
And because it is my heart.”

-Stephen Crane.

Would someone like to tell me where the fuck the last 8 weeks have got to? Fuck!

Fisrt of all class I would like to welcome you to “Anger management 101- Advanced study-How not to get caught” My name Is Prof.Madden and I will be goose stepping you through the mindfield of daily bullshit that you, as exceptional people should be well armed against, hence ya’ll taking this class…….

[ I know where all the bodies are buried. Like they say in Vegas “There are alotta holes in the desert….”]My advice to the unwise and garden variety stupid? You are fucking with the wrong broard….Lotta plates getting broken at Chez Rock at present I gotta tell ya.

I am starting to think, scratch that. I have always belived that people dont belive themselves, work with me on this Ok?…I know that it is late and all….Just think,Cause if they did they would say what they thought to the person that they thought it about …right? People are scared of being unliked by people that they dont even like..Go figure..strange fuckin’ breed.

To quote my friend John Devoy…”SAY IT”

Fear…not just a cool punk band ya know…..They say that a great leader rules through fear and people tend to fear what they dont understand. Guess that makes me, makes us, public enemy No# 1.

Some shit…..

So tired,so very tired.Underneath a blanket of memories, I watch you sleep. Your skin has broken out a little and you look clammy to touch. So young and soft.A wanna be hard ass who has seen too much. You are safe here and cocky with it,Your dirty hair gives off the scent of those god awful imported ciggerettes that you incessently smoke during your scant waking hours. That and sandlewood. I want you always to have this sanctury. I know that you have been feeling low and haunted. Hunted. I want to kiss you, brethe into your sleeping form. To pass airbourne peace into the bong scared landscape your damaged lungs. But its no good. You would only exhale it un-knowingly with your 1st smoke of the morning as you saddled up your willing demons for another day hard riding. I will wave you off into your fresh hell and hope that you pass my way again soon.

-Live as youwill have wished to have lived when you are dying.

My dreads are itching to the shithouse and the sun is making itself known. I think too much and say to little and I dont think that I am ever gonna be as great as I wanna be. I dont think that any of us are.

Perfection tates like sugar,I think…I am not qualified to comment as I dont know….but scars? Scars taste like victory.

Tell ya what…You show me yours and I will show you mine.

[fuck I hope that I sleep today.]