He who has stood the suprise of birth can stand anything.

-William Faulkner.

Maybe go out,maybe stay home……
-The Stooges.

Girl,you got no faith in medicine.
-The White Stripes.

Even if people think that you are full of shit at least they are still thinking of you.Evrybody has got their thing,their truth.Sometimes your the bad guy,sometimes not.Whatever right.Talk to my fucking splinter headaches ok?.All the hot red love in the world to my detractors.Kisses with tounges and multiple orgasms.Hell!,70 days till xmas you ungreatful pigfuckers,let me show the love.

If I wasnt insane before I am rolling all the way into the station now with Acid Bath pounding wetly into my every fucking fiber.God plays an SG and didnt put your name on the door……

“I think that you would taste like bongwater and candy.”
“Your kidding Me!”
-Last weekend.

Iggy and the Stooges at the BDO.I can die happy!

Just wrote to the firequeen Miss Suzanne in Canada.I can imagine that the weather is turning to shit over there right now and I cant belive it had been so long since I left.Glad that I am not in the snow.That country is like too many downers when it comes to the weather.

Where I sit right now all I can smell is the jasmine mixed with the gamey scent of my million mile converse.Hot love and summer in the city punks….Knew that you would dig the pix last week.heh…

It is all about the road for me right now.I have been all over the place.Listen to alot of the Allmann Bros and Skynard cause thats the way that I seem to be rolling.Think that Saint Tina has seen more of my slow healing ass in the last 6 moths than in the last 10 years,poor woman.

Got my stiches out a few days ago and I have some new sexy scars.I dont think that my Dr likes me much but he is shit hot at his job so who gives a fuck.Still freaks me out seeing how different they look….

Saw a shitload of old heads a the X show the other nite.Jon Devoy is still rockin the free world and we spoke of making much noise together.There are some people that you can always sing with and its gonna feel good and he is one of mine.Porn,Jonnie and Paul Mac dropped in a s well which was cool.I wore my kilt cause I am sick of waiting for Axl to get his shit together and I talked too much.Meh.

Been given the go ahead to start training again thank fuck.That was doing my head in [no pun intended] Have a backyard to lie round in too.All good.

Thanx for all the mail and shit.I am trying to get back to y’all so gimme time.Brain keeps farting…hope that I am there for you as much as you are for me, you quality motherfuckers.

Things are fading and I am open to new power.For real man…I knew that being fucked up was fucking with me but untill I got those stiches out and lifted a bottle of patchouli at the markets today I had no idea quite so much.Which goes to show that the visuals can fuck with me just as much as the emotional which is somthing that I needed to learn.

Keep an eye out for my playing Nick Cave To Miss Terrors PJ Harvey come early December and in more sonic news I am playing Bass For Special Ed.Dont ask me how I got into that but it should be loud.And Crap.Monkey is the killer front man.I am gonna be the untalented Krist to her effortless Kurt.

Went up to the studio and got a preview of the new Hards-ons stuff.Un-fucking-real.Bar none.I bow.

Sydney is not tooo shabby right now.I have a lair and lots of cup o soups and mates who feed me.Writing is rather slow going I am still trying to sort though all the shit that I wrote before comming home.I drop lyrics in my spirax’s and thenhave to dive back in and dig em out which is not much fun.

Saint Tina took me out to her storage place so I wont have to keep wearing the same fuckin clothes for another year.Thank christ!As I type I am wearing the Twisted Sister T shirt that Sweden gave me before I left…Ohla! And my Venom T….the list goes on…! Joy!

Had a fuckin ball when Duster came up the other week and I must thank the lads for taking such A-1 care of me and the monkey.Love bein on the door.It was hell cool standing side of stage at the Metro watching the faces of all the confused Bodyjar fans.The Northcote crew were in fine form and we ended up in a stripclub so it all worked out a charm.Remember;Mates are mates but aint no one gonna buy you an $85 lapdance baby,no matter how many times I asked…..

What else to report?Ross and I are doing the film clip this weekend I think but there is also a roadtrip to Newcastle to get Deluxes Bulldozer tattooed on his buff gut before he fucks off to Europe.Its a pirates life indeed.I have no idea what we are doing but its fun and smells like petrol so who gives a shit right?

Comming up to Brisvegas for Helloween.Nice nice Nice.Makes up for having to pull out of the last run.A thousand pardons..

Leefish just got here so I will see y’all later.