I know who you are and I know what they call you girl,

Im just like you baby,Im on the hunt…
-Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Im above
Over you Im standing above
Claiming unconditional love
Im above…..
-Mad Season.

Now here you go again you say you want your freedom…
-Fleetwood Mac.

I wanna cut my heart out every time
Love is deaf dumb and stupid not only blind… -Tourettes.

Its all what it is and I try to roll like thunder at 6 in the morning while she tries to get some sleep. My tounge entertains its self on my broken tooth that clicks like a lock in my jaw.
I was in and out of horror dreams all night.The B* woke me up round 9 and I called our bass god sick as a dog.I had no idea that it was possible to hear someone rolling their eyes over the phone but you learn somthing new everyday…I am still trying to hook up a kit….I met a drummer from Sydney tonight called Sash who was all over the Hanging Tree back in the day.Now that was a killer band.Sue me but when he said he had heard of us it made me smile and I am gonna get and take my kicks where ever the fuck I can at this point even outside The Viper room on a tuesday night…

Our stickers are everywhere now….

This was going down when I was also chatting to a Jeff Spicoli clone [“Aloha Mr Hand!”] called Gary whos band The Angry Beaver is playing at Jumbos Clown room tommrow night.That is the strip club where the mighty Miss C.Love got her chops up to pay for the dream….The Viper is kinda like the LA version of Club 77 for those of you who know Sydney.All these “would bes” [Yeah,thats Me…] and “has beens” [The list is almost as long as my million years and 6’3 frame…]

But I still shiver when I sit on the pavement while my friends smoke and wonder where it was exactly that River did an Elvis and bailed on Gen X….
So long ago…

[I dreamt of you last night,fast and thin.The houses where we fucked and how I lost you.Different grey light and no matter how we hurried we could never catch each other for long.]

And on to our up comming show at the Cat Club on Sunset.I file sentences like that under “Small victories”.The milestones that keep you running.Just knowing that I was right even when I was wrong.Have you ever had that? I am sure that you now what I mean ’cause you usally do…

I have a real issue with Emo haircuts and drummers who are too hot…well the second one is not that bad cause I dont have a heart to break.

Sue me but I have been evil…
Let me learn you a thing…or some of the shit that I watch,play see and write about……


No one here is really from here and if they are they tend to have a thousand yard stare and a pill habit… here we are…and him…and her …and them…get a million monkeys to type that last sentence and you would have the paperchace of heartbreak right there…..
All here have to belive unflinching-ly ,at all times,that they are the chosen one.You have every hometown hero on the strip pimping their dreams with a bottle of Nighttrain in one hand and a copy of “The dirt” By Motley Crue in the other…

They will sell you what they are within the 1st 15 sec and glaze over unless the subject boomerrangs back to them with in the same time frame.


“Great big whopping porky pies that I have told barhopping in LA”
By Michele Madden aged 19 and 2/5ths

“I am a drum tech for a blind big band of albinos”

“The church was restricting my interests in blood play and human sacrifice so I told then to shove it and left”

“When the circus disbanded I gave up fire eating for good….”

“I just got back from teaching french at Yale”

“No! Really! that sounds fuckin awsome!!!”

“I am lucky that it was only manslaughter in retrospect….”

“Liontraining IS hard work,dont get me wrong…”

“Your right! In this light you DO look like Madonna Jose!”

My point being that you can say anthing and they dont give a fuck.
Cause no one listens…
‘Cept me…and I write it ALL down….

Cant remember who said it, but, a good artist borrows…and a great artist steals…

So, I guess that it is possible that you are in a song that I have written some where along the line…My boys are telling Me to push it and in My own dodgy way I do and I am.

The cheapest fun I have been having is listening to wanna be rock gods who file me under “Alt Chick who knows toooo much about music and MAY fuck if she thinks I am good enough…”

You can never know enough about music and no ,I wont fuck ya….

What they would file Me under if the knew the truth is “Public Enemy No1#”

In a nutshell? I NEVER tell them that I am in a band and entertain myself on them trying to hook me in…. Some sample lines??
Dont mind if I do….

Lemme set the scene a little…..

Seedy bar
Them drunk
Me sober
Them loud
Taking notes and liberties

Me all big blue eyes and whatnot after listening to them talk about the …..
“Thrill of being up there babe…I mean…You would not understand…you have to do it!!!..100 kids there for you..”

“No way!!!” gasps Me as big man on campus leans back into his LA Forum fantasy..

“100 kids all to see you! Whats it like??’I sigh batting my clotted lashes. [Give em enough rope…]

Hone your hate,see what you dont want to be,pit yourself against it…..

Ok,Ok… so its wrong [yawn…] and mean [meh…] but so is being sober in sin city and a girl gets bored….

I have been told that when they make it that I will “…..have a freeride babe…I wrote this track about you…I cant belive that you dont wanna do acting or somthing…..”

Sorry to fuck with the flow here but DAMN Tumbleweed ruled! Back to our regular program….

It never fails to amaze and amuse me listening to the shit that people will spin to get a fuck.I am interesting to them because I sit in dim lit booths and write…They write bad songs about me and lay them at my converse clad feet…mash notes and flyers bearing phone numbers…they wont remember me…too many brighter bulbs to fly around…

Just let people admire themselves in the reflection you provide and write it all down…

Not to say that their are not times when I dont go all out….heres a Dinger for y’all….

Being that it was the B*s last nite in town she woke my snot stuffed self up and got me mobilised to the strip…And there is my future brother in law looking dapper outside..Hey C dub! Tickets and stamps and all the red lit shit that makes daylight almost worth it…Emo kids all over the place springing up like somber ‘shrooms under the weight of hoodie wearing Hot topic tears…I am gonna carry shears round and start ridding the world of retro fringes…I digress. Moi and sis were lary as all fuck tonite and no one was safe …Good to have a few yanks on our team who get that irony is not the art of pressing shits…

Pizza and bullshit reign…

[ Oh man how I want to stay…]

Night over…dope smoked in carparks and girls looking at my sister with ill concealed hate while their dates wilt in her company and I laugh and spin in circles head back and smiling….

Bands loading up and out when out of the corner of my eye….into the Liquor store…”NO WAY!!!”…”Cmon dick!’ Yells my fearless sister at my pale face pulling me by the arm…

What would you say to Billy Gibbons Form ZZ top at 2 in the morning?
Lets just say that I was thinking on my feet and having a low grade fanboy freak out…. I think that he liked that I called him “Sir” and thanked him….Gave me a big hug and asked where we were playing…turns out that his mate owns the Cat Club….I had the goofiest look on my face…Then He invited back to his place for breakfast….!!!…Omlettes with a God!!!!!!……I told him that it was on me after our show…


I did my stupid hoon dance after we said goodnight…Anyone who saw me after Slayer knows this dance…very wrong!

We then jumped in a cab and sang “Tush” at the top of our lungs all the way up to La Brea.

That is the kind of shit that finds you blessed…I am never not gonna be a fan even when my nerves are on warp speed…I will always thank the people who have made my world a better place…its a sacred bond….I feel it as hard as you do and its the food of the muses that keeps all the players playing…it adds up….I keep all that shit close to me…The pictures that I have with my heroes…the stuff y’all write and make me…

It has to go in circles….

Billy Gibbons is a legend and he wanted to cook me fuckin breakfast! The angels wept!!!!

Mkes up for my toothache and head cold all the fuckin way!

I got 10 bucks out of a scared tourist the other night.He took a picture of me sitting on the pavement near the Aladdin….just call me local flavor!…. ’cause I had all my hair up and ink out I guess….. I thought of him going back to Japan and showing my photo to his friends …

“Look at cwazy cawlifornian person!..”


IT reminded me of the Punx in London doing the same…I wonder how low and shameless I can go and I know that this is what is ment to be happening…I yelled at him and he gave me 10 bucks.

And bowed…
So I bowed back and smiled.

Then I went and sat in the window at Hamburger hamlet and wrote.

When in Rome right?

I rule.
Who cares.