And as we wind on down the road…

-Led Zeplin.

Here I am awake after 2 hours sleep and when I cough all I can do is taste the infection that sits apon my chest like a lazy toad,evil,green and seething.I spoke to my boys last night and I am trying to secure a drum kit for a show that we have next monday.My sister leaves for London tommrow and its all so large is it not?
She is on the phone to Ted right now and we are ment to be going to a show that C Dub is putting on at the Viper room tonite but to tell you the truth my focus is in a custody battle.
I have to go and jump on her…back in a sec….

I think alot about my failing health and how much better I felt when I just did what I wanted! Aint that a bitch…I think about Gooch and how he gets the shits with Me cause I have not been out to see him yet….About how if I REALLY wanted to give myself the gift that keeps giving I would be on the way to Mexico right now to find Jim on the 7 mile snake…Thinkin about Tammy from Long Beach who wants to push the fuck out of us even when we are not in the states..Think of all the miles my life is gonna show me,How we may be heading to Europe and stuff…Delux talking about some shows in punk enclaves and me being Butt hurt over all the winters that befall Me.

Ah my boys,My brothers.The room they are is is tiny and the place they stay a magnet for wild eyed army deserter,Wanna be bohos,chancers,crack heads and broken dream wrangelers.I would be beating the shit outta 24oz Buds as well.Mikey? If I did not have to sing [When? Where ? how?…….] I would be smoking as well so have one for me.

I was sitting at the Bus stop the other morning after no sleep,the sun poking me with cold fire when a toothless homeless guy offered me his spot in the Hostel down the road.As always the ones that socity percive to be the scum treat me like gold.That also goes to show you how mental beyond the point of no return I am looking.The dogs rip the bottom of my 10 Vancouver specials for fun so I look like i have been sleeping in the great outdoors.Even the geek squad who are lined up and camping on Hollywood for the 1st Star wars tix wrinkle their noses…You have hit fantastic levels of anti social disaray when a fat kid in a darth maul teeshirt looks down at you.I am happy with this chain of events.

Hung out with Miss Otep the other night.Nice lady.I dont think that she really knew what the fuck to make of me in her Jagermeister fog as we sat on Joey Jordensons tour bus as evil J fell in love with my baby sister all over again.Bah! Rock and roll my friends…
So I hear that daysend are comming out on the road.Well met.
Different shapes I think as The guys from Shadows fall look at me funny
“And you are?”
“No one important” I say and my sister gives me a deathstare….

In that drunk eternal place I dont really care.The world waits for us all and revoles around you.I just called Ross with my crap timing and he will get back to me…

Lemme tell you about one of the fab things about LA.Or some of them….
little fables from the land of fuck….

So …
I end up back at my Beloved Whiskey with 3 on Saturaday night to catch the Best Van Halen cover band in LA,The Atomic Punks.If I shut my eyes???It WAS VH… Now ya’ll know that I dont do that whole “I am too cool to get into it” thing so Dreads a flutter I was into the pit and doing the “Hot For Teacher” finger waggle.Now here is where it gets peachy…Jani Lane from Warrant gets up and does “Ice cream man” and then they break into “Down boys” and do the dance as well…Now there I am.Girl fom loserville Australia,broke and stessed in the middle of the Dance floor at The Whiskey on Sunset and its ALL that…Rock saves kids…

Califonia! The porn capital of the world where you get arrested for sunbathing topless.Jay walk and it costs you 200 bucks but if you can prove to a Dr that you need it you can get supplied with a…wait for it…medicinal Pot card…You take yourself and the card to a shop where you buy pure THC choclate and huge bags of fragrant purple buds that stick to your fingers…Cops pull you over? No problemo! You have the card.!. LA is where stoners come to die.

Rollins played in Santa Monica.I was not there.Its Cruel.I am in the town were it all goes down with no resourses.I must have been horrific in my last life….

Gonna go and watch porn and try and get some sleep.
More later.