I’ll turn you into Me, cause I’m a liar…

-Henry Rollins.

Why is betrayal the only truth that sticks?
-Arthur Miller.

Apology is only egotism wrong side out.
-Oliver W Holmes Sr.

I have given myself 2 options and one year.
I have seen bottom and waved at the other side.
I move even slightly and smell sulfer.
So I know humaity can die while breathing.

What will take its place?

I am not good at being this small.It binds my long frame in knots.I let myself slip away untill I became nothing at all.

“28 days.” my darling No1# son tells me.

And I stay here for them alone…….

Lied to, left and burned again.She sat there with the pipe as I went over the coals again.No one gives me a straight fucking answer and it causes me nothing but grief.

I hurt myself to virgin clear status/the smoke will rise from Rome/dying/as I am reborn/perfection in decay.

Stop caring.
Do not invest.

I am a stepping stone for other people to get what they want.Fuck what is left of my family and turn coat friends.
I am rid of you.
I am done.

My address book is clear.My emotional dance card is empty.

If you are gonna bullshit Me? I would rather that you took your bows and left.You embarass yourselves so fuck off.

Fucking liars…….

12 months….
2 choices….

Now back to what matters….

I dreamt this song last summer at Chez Rock.I wrote it as soon as I woke up and then went down stairs and read it to Mikey.Recorded it a few days later and it lasted this long.If they were all that easy.

But they are not.

-Good Mourning.

It took Me 5 hours to unclench my teeth
My jaw on fire
Its dark here
No relief
With all the will I had
I loosened up my fists
uncurled my fingers one by one
Praying for bliss.

My granite heart churned over
As my blood slowed to a swing
You could of stabbed me at that one pure moment
And I wouldnt have felt a thing.

Rise and shine
Rise and shine……

Through the hours you move?
I sleep
At the this I laugh?
you weep
All that you lose?
I keep….

Good Mourning,Good Mourning…

This is gonna be fun….

Watch,learn,wait your turn….

So I prowl this sleeping place
I got knife deep marks etched apon my bitter face
You want in with mine?
You keep the pace
I dont do this for fun
you best be able to run
extinction of my mercy stripped me back to one
Now make yourself useful
And pass Me up My gun……


And thats that for tonite.