Nov 20th 06’Ahhhh.
Addled and a bit crusty.I am plugged in down in the living room kinda watching ‘Monster ‘ with a gaggle of french punx while Slayer play down the road at the Brixton academy.I told ross while we were walking home form the bookshop on Electric ave today “I cant pinpoint what makes me tick today”

That scares me.

Sad to say that there is really not that much to report.The tequila just come out…

We pulled out of the Paris show.Sad but in the long run it was not worth it this run but we are gonna head back next summer.

Looks like we are gonna do the home show on Dec 23rd at my most beloved Club 77.

Ash is going home for a few months and I think that Ross would be happy if he never saw me again and Mikey? I dunno what he is up to….

here it is…
Play at the mean fiddler on friday the 24th of november-get on plane -go to hamburg-watch band get drunk and buy slutty boots that i have had my eye on for months- get on plane-fuck around in taipei for 16 hours-get on another plane-Sydney.

Thank you and good night.
I might try this again later.