Blue jean baby,LA Lady….

-Elton John.

I’ve got nothin better to do….
-Black Flag.

I dont think that I have enough time to get this right and I think that I did it to myself.

I wish that I was numb.
Smack myself in the face a million times.Did you READ “The Shining”…Its what Danny Torrance does to his visage with the mallet at the end that makes the most sense to me.

Not a real lot else does.Blackie called me before and said that NZ was a blast.I had just woken up in bad temper and dirty clothes and when he asked me how I was livin a sob hitched and caught in my chest.So how am I doing? Seein men about dogs and trying to get there from here? I see myself in a swag in Robs beachy backyard counting stars and I know that I have to keep going.

Onto my second redbull…hold on…..shake shake shake as KC and the sunshine band would sing…..

I got more ink the other night thank fucking god…..Significant other is a machine.Both arms done within 5 weeks.Ow.I should buy shares in Bepanthan.

Sitting at the Townie last night With BE,Miss Terror and KJ made me ill.I stumbled home muttering and feeling woozy.I cant wait to get the fuck out of this narrow minded burb.Gonna miss my mates but I have a haunting suspicion that in the grand scheme of things that nothing is fucking worth this.

Writing and writing.Blades and killin things.Enemy’s kept close and detractors kissed for their wanton efforts.Trenty poo “Every day is exactly the same….” MMMMMMM! can I get a witness motherfuckers?

A filmclip which is gonna cause me no end of greif.It will be cool.Its For “Gear” miss Annie Canadas fave rave track.
Still trying to get in as much recording with ash before he fucks off to Perth to visit his family.

What am I tellin you here.I was full of wisdom and shit when I tried.Come to our last 2 shows ok?

Who knows when the fuck you will see us again…….