Yeah I cried. With sweet Sammy from the cafe holding my hand.You would have too if Steve Lucas from “X” pointed at you and said in that voice “Michele,this ones for you” and then launched into the most flawless version of ” I got the blues” by my beloved Stones. Big fat tears struggling to get past my false lashes.


What a wonderful way to end it all. Surrounded by all my friends and peers.One sweet fan traveling all the way from Bathurst to see the show and making me feel like a star asking me to sign fliers and take photos. Moments like that are so damn sweet. Big brother just perfect. He sold many albums and touched many hearts. We did a good thing.These nights set a high bar and I am glad that we shut it down now.

2 million staples 971 tea light candles,18 hello kitty picks,2 broken strings,one lost capo,11 nervous breakdowns,2 boxes of nag champra,124 drink tickets and about 17 fliers….not too shabby at all.

Blackie thanked me from the stage and I thanked him right on back.When I arrived back on these fair shores 2 years ago with my ass kicked and my spun sugar heart shattered I swore on a stack of Quaaludes and Iggy Pop that I would never play again. Pleased to say that I was wrong.Without my brother I never would have set foot back onstage .

So now all my hippy crap that I decorated the room with week in and week out is stacked up in the kitchen. I will work out what to do with it sooner or later. Who has that many candles? Jesus please us.

Really looking forward to heading down to Wollongong to play at Music Farmers on Saturday afternoon with Blackie. So many of my Club 77 infants live down there and always lamented that they couldn’t make it up here on Wednesday night. Mohammad is taking the sonic album to them.Then Miss Nina and I have to leg it back to work all night long. I know its only rock and roll but I like it…

Oh Mick! Sing it to me….

And for now I guess that is that.