Did you see me waiting?

A love like ours / Could never die / As long as I have you near me.
-Lennon-Mc Cartney.

Look to the end no matter what you are considering.Often enough god gives man a glimpse of happiness,and then utterly ruins him.

It was you all along.You know that right?.I Will be here waiting……. 

It was a beautiful night.Warm and hospitable .Jasmine in long unhindered careless swathes down the center of a white linen table.Us ,so beautiful under tiny lights.Miniature holes in the sky.Dead stars blowing million year old kisses for us alone.Pillar candles like guardians of fallen virtue and forbidden pleasure clustered ,as if conspiring ,around delicate condiments caught in glass cut like crude diamonds,Salt locked in silver,wine soft in gold…..

That night we were all perfect.Never to be matched or beaten.Gifted and in love .In love with the weighted air of the summer night,the tastes upon our rapier sharp tongues and with each other.

Oh my darlings,You were magnificent and I could not keep myself from you,wanton random intimacy’s that were so far from my usual locked state.You intoxicated me.I lent my head sighing upon shoulders.I tangled my roaming fingers in soft hair at necks napes.I lent back swooning into the easy circle of muscular embrace.

I stared unflinchingly into eyes,my ears finely tuned and drinking your allegory.Fire flies and squat pots of angry red citronella ,strong-holding the ink black-velvet darkness at bay,the lonesome perimeter.The end of the world.And how you shone me with your words,precise ministrations buffed me to a careless easy sheen. Your attentions passed from lips to finger tips….

I loved you so.

I am a shitful little heathen with a killer tan and an over active imagination.

I have time on my hands…..not blood. Watching karma deal with the shit-heels.Wearing heels so damn high. New Pod People on high rotation.Glad that my heroes are my friends.

Door-listed for life.Eye on a new Bass.White like the teen aged heart I hide deep inside that the likes of you are never gonna see.

More tattoos tommrow.

More more more.Like little Ollie Twist but louder and hotter than hell.

Miss me?