You Blew My Mind!!!

I am still high on all the energy that you gave us…..Trust Me when I tell you that i am Not rendered speachless very often but…..YOU RULE!!!!!!I KNEW that you wouldnt let us down!GOD! #@$@%FUCK! That was one of the best shows I have ever had the honnor of playing for you Sickfucks!@!#@!!!!!….You re-instored my faith in our fatally wounded but still gasping Sydney scene.I hope that ya got to catch Japunga and Neo-ezi who NEVER fail to slay me,awww,sue me! You guys know that I am still the Mega fan.!.They were great huh!Thanx for all the mail that I have been answering all day![They hate me at this net cafe!I mustnt be the kind of “Clientele” that they are soooo hot for.Fuck ’em!]Your support is what keeps my head above the fetid water that we ALL hafta make our way thru each day.I am lucky enough[…and NEVER think that I dont know how fuckin’ lucky I am !] to have my music,My band and you Guys!!!speaking of the Band….HOW GREAT WERE THEY!!!!!!God-damn!I told ya!!Didnt I!!When I was up on the bar it was cool as ALL for me ’cause I got to see what you Guys see!!If I didnt get to catch up with you ,I am sooo sorry,it was a blur in the end and please never think that I am ignoring you!!!!! As the more Seasoned Sickfucks out there know most of the time i am too vain to wear my glasses!!!Sooo I can only see about a meter in front of me IF that,on a good day! But what I saw I LOVED!!!!just the thought of those Tourettes knickers being pealed off in a fog of rocklust…WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! I am not gonna name names in this update ’cause i dont want to leave anyone out…But I want you to know if you were there you have my Thanx and gratitude and that goes for the rest of the band as well.You made it great for us………Now onward and upward!!!!…..On july 12th We will be rockin’ The Tote in Melbourne with one of my Fave bands and some of my oldest mates ,the mighty
You have got to check these boys out they are unrelenting!Thanx Boys!….its gonna be tooo cool to recruite more of you!!!!!There is talk of a show with Bloodduster..[Michele..”ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!”]..But you know that I will keep ya’ll posted as it happens….Write and tell me what you thought of the new stuff as your opinion is the only one that I give a rats ass about! I wanna know what you think of “Detestimony”…Hell just write if ya feel like it.I dont give a fuck!..Ash will have me back in the studio as soon as we come back from Melbourne and for a change I am really looking foward to it as i have been on a real writing binge of late…it always feels better the more you do it.Like jerking off..[“Get ya hand off it Madden…”]
And this to my Boys…Ash,Ross and Mike,Thank you for making it come true….You are the best part of me…I remain forever in your debt….. My brothers.
Stay sick.Stay angry.
[Drained and thankful!]