Hey crew!

All fun,games and stress at the tourettes camp! Me and Mike did a well cool interview w/Tin Tinn at HHH on the weekend[Thats 100.1fm sunday nites,he plays heaps of really cool local stuff so check it out….] As always I talked a heap of crap and Mike showed me up by being tooo cool.It is the quiet ones that you hafta watch.I Just got back from doing an interview w/Ross at the most awsome “Blunt” Magazine w/the mighty Matt Reike and his super fly pornstar ‘tash![…I think it looks cool Matt,No shit!]Ross has taken to calling himself the”Tonia toddman of rock” which in itself brings a pretty scary picture to mind! He has been going off making ALL our merch…the man is a machine! I just hope that Matt destroys the tape! It turned into a mockfest at the end fueled by wank stories [..ahem…that would be moi…] involving…well,it doesnt matter ….so then I blabbed about how Ross…well….Like I said.TRASH THE TAPE!!!![tee-hee!] Man!I have been snowed under this week but thanx to all who have written to me getting me all Hyped up for the show![…Big ups to Skot,long time no hear! Thanx for getting the word out there,Stu the pocket-rocket,Lez and Jo the coolest fans making their way up from the A.C.T for the show and Death for getting me to the doctors and all the other cool shit that she does for me!,Blackie writing me from London where The Hard-ons are delivering their usual brand of search and destroy…missya….]Sooooo,You cant make it to the show? Down load our new song “Stand”….We thought it was about time that we gave somthing back to ya’ll! Write me and tell me what you think…..I also got to have a mega cool catch up chat with Mr Rod Yates at the home of Metal,”Kerrang!”…He has just come off the road himself so as you can imagine Mucho goss was exchanged! Thanx for the support Big guy! You rule! Rod always asks me questions that I love to answer…I ramble on tooo much which is what I am doing now!!! So by your leave,you sickfucks, I gotta go and jam with the best band in the world..MINE!!!!!!!!.FUCKKKK!!!!I,we will see ya’ll on thursday nite!!!!YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
Dont let the fools fuck with you.
Ps…Thanx Sis xoxoxoxo