You are the fucking GREATEST!!!

Thanx for all the get well letters and support!You amaze me all the time![Sara.B,I will get my tooth done before the show,thanx 4 giving a shite!]I think tooooo much…..I got you guys and then I go out into the world and have to deal with these civillians.[…I know that you know what I mean….]You guys are the only thing that keeps me from sticking a hand grenade up my ass and pulling the pin in the pit at a Creed show!!!!Ohhhhhh!
The Tattoos are amazing!!!BIG thanx to Mr Adam Craft,healing well and looking ROARRRRRRRRR!!!!![..thanx 4 asking Capt.A!]We, [The band] had a KILLER jam at Soundlevel on the weekend…The boys are sounding amazing…I just sit on the floor and watch ’em go,then I remember that I am ment to be singing! Ross has a new bass rig that is sooooo hard! REAL Geezer B,hits right below the belt… ,Mikey has been taking his Vinny Paul pills,I swear!!! The double kick action on the new stuff is shit hot and he NAILS it!!! Its his Birthday on Fri the 13th so if ya see him say hey! And Ash is blowing our minds! He is wanting to write more but I want to throw all of our energy into putting the best show on for you guys on the 26th…He is cool w/that…THEN he will break my ass!!!!I cant WAIT till you guys hear this shit! WOOOO! Keep the mail comming,as I love hearing what you guys are up to.Stops me from climbing the bell tower!…..Next week I will tell ya about how we did a filmclip on a golf course….best you DONT ask! Dont take any shit and remember that life is toooo long to put up with people and things that you hate.
Still loud,still ugly and STILL HERE!!! I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE!!!Tooo many people I havent pissed off yet!!!!
Born Right.