Hey Sports fans!

Well it is looming like the raven!!!D-Day Thursday June 26th….THE LAUNCH AT THE ANNANDALE!WOOO!!!! …I am talking about what is gonna be the nite of the year! Be there! Big love to Lachie D and all the Brisbane hard core crew who have been spreading the Tourettes word up north for us! You rule dude! Sorry that I am still bad on the fan mail front but I am gettin’ better at this shit all the time…keep the faith and keep on writing!!! As I write this Mr Manning is over at Sony putting it together!WAHHH!!! We go to press tomrrow…Its like childbirth! Christ!!! I cant believe that its finally done!! We have also re-pressed the 1st album so you will be able to get your hot little hands on it at the show…Me? Well mighty nice of you to ask!..not sleeping enough as always and having a ball doing interviews with collage stations in the USA real early in the morning…I am still getting it back together after the shoot for “Stand”..wooo! I got some hot stills that we are gonna scan for ya’ll so you can see how full on it really was…Murray got it right in Drum “….More like a one day war…” Not wrong!!…and Thanx to everyone who has been requesting us on JJJ. Love ya work. We need you to keep it up as we are, as Nailbomb would say…”punk rock losers”…Hell! I wear it with pride! You guys are the greatest!!! And ’cause we do it all ourselves you guys make us….dig?…cool!!! As I feel that I have been loosing what is left of my mind I am getting More tattoos this week-end..The god of ink is one Adam craft..check his site…amazing!!!…adamcraft.com
I can hear my Mum screaming at me from here!!! I have also been writing like a sick fuck Ha!Suprise! for the next ep that we wanna try and get out round Sept.WAHHHH!!!
Contact me any time and I will see you all loud and proud on the 26th!
Over ‘an’out Michele.
Ps.Big Thanx n lovin’ to the following faithful and missed this update.
Miss M Bass Goddess…Thanx 4 The support!You rule..
Murray at drum.We know its only rock n roll…….Thanx man.
Sleezy Pete In Los Angeles? Miss The ass off you!
Skoota,Krystal and Monkey- ear Deanna for the New Zealand support!
That crazy Chick and all Her mates outside Utopia…you made my day! Tell me your name next time!!
The Sharon Osbourne of Australian Management! The bands mum/asskicker! Miss Emma M,You Rock!
Capt Andrew Mac..
Adam Craft……OUCH!!!
Miss Maggie miow.