Latenite weekend shit fight ….11/19/04

Wild horses couldnt drag me away.
-The Rolling Stones.

She never mentions the word addiction….
-The Black Crowes.

Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.
-Thomas Fuller.

-The Ramones.

As soon as I told the Brittstar how little we had been playing of late all I could hear was the miles between us and in my mind,see the lines bother her marble smooth brow.

“How are you getting you agression out baby?” She drilled me with good intent. I grinned ,scrathing at my forearms in the cold dark of the phone box that I had busted up a few weeks prior.We both laughed into the silence knowing each other far to well.

“Enjoy it while you can,before the photos start again…”

“I am!” I reassure the only one left.

The one who never left me.

I can hear shitty punk songs jarringly out of tune telling me that Hollywood is burning.Miss Sophia “Some live ,some die Mish…” And I want danger Iggy,I want the Hotel California once more.Miss Pamela? Come dance before me at the Whiskey and let me steal one long lime tinted candy kiss before The Riot House kicks us out again.

“Goin to California” Croons Mr Plant

“Yessssss” I sign split tounged and ready…..
It will be good to miss my brothers again.Distance gives me clarity.
I am in a ,Well, what is for me, a dangerous place.I am tired.I find myself wishing that someone would offer me somthing.If offered? Well,I would have the right to refuse.
The thing that jolts me awake as my fingers skim the mirror surface of what ever apple is being offered in my illicit dreams, is that I will say yes.
That I will not refuse..
Being that I am sodden with longing and dizzy with exhaustion not to mention fed up with myself……??
I would say yes to almost anything tonight.
And that is what keeps me running.
-Letter to me pinned above my bed…erm…from me.
[When she tells me that she loves me……..]
What Ho Dark Horse!
Back to holy beginnings with unsound methods.

I think that Ross can be SO evil.I cant belive that he let Miss Annie make her way into my cave before the sun went down.He of ALL people.That is just plain mean.

The gamers have a smoking room at this net cafe.That is class.I am still trying to get around to picking up the habit again so I will have somthing to do after I get laid and such and then I remember some of the tossers from The Ranch alummni who went back to it and being lumped into the same lot as them? Well, to be quite frank? It makes my spritual ballsack crawl.

Oh yeah….and I cant afford it.Some tosser just rolled in and is playing some shit music down the end of the room.Thank fuck the wannabe axe murderer who is watching porn behind me is wearing a headset.

And no,almost bringing a 16 year old to tears was not a good way to wake up.Poor kid.She stood in the door way throwing my dirty laundry on to my prone and growling form.Smart cookie.She flicked the light and said to me, quite ashen after the fact “All I saw was a hand creeping out and curling around your baseball bat”

I had just had a rather sad,hectic and oddly horny dream to boot.I pulled it together and mooched out into the SNOW,and NO I dont give a flying Fuck that it was only about an inch,its still fucking frozen water and I think that it sucks….onward to see Miss Suzanne at Blends, who has been sick so it all worked out in the end.We spoke of Fisting,canoes,fire and Mexico.Well rounded and topical conversation is always worth the effort.

Then I Got taken to dinner by Miss Annie and her Dad.I guess that they must see me as some kind of musical dog that followed their kid home one day.Or somthing.Not that I am complaining here.I eat like a king these days! Went to “Boggies Burgers” and talked about plane crashes and “Your ass better be home by….” times for the comming festivities of the weekend.For Her not Me!

The weekend ,that is ,as far as I can tell,is off to a FLAMING start for at least half of my band.Mike was home alone when I got back from watching some god awful TV pap at Miss A’s [“Oh Joey! My Mom says that we cant see each other!!!!” Piano swells…yawn…] so I left him too it and made a break for the studio where I soon found out it has been a shit fight and a half all day.I start muttering darkly as Endre pats my hand and drops me at Juliets where Ash and Delux have already started making one hell of a dent in what becomes a rather formidible bar tab.

Ahhhhh….Fridays in buttfuck Canada can only mean but one thing….Kare-fuckin’-oke.I shit you not.Ross and I decided to join forces tonite and sing “Hoplessly devoted to you” Which I guess we are in some twisted way…..I am the Dean Martin to Deluxs slobbering Jerry Lewis.His haircut alone strikes terror into the stoic hearts of most Calgarians as it is.Imagine when he sings.Well,kinda.Rosses auto reflex is to do noises better suited to a cow doing phone sex when he forgets the words…or just dosent wanna read them.

I gave him the shot of jager that was bestowed apon me for making a cock out of myself . Our trusty guitar got beat him to it but not before sluring/telling me,

“Drink it! G’on! Ya wont get drunk”…

Sometimes I want to beat him like a rented mule,I swear to fucking god.

Then Ross and I moshed around the pool table while a fat chick sang Shania Twain ernest enough to make me wanna hurl and then he scared the bejesus out of a small man of asian decent who had chosen to sing some Sinatra, screaming at Carl, our cross dressing long suffering host [ Who by the by makes one HELL of a Dusty Springfield…I digress…] “I AM FRANK BABY!!! NO ONE ELSE CAN DO “MY WAY”!!!!!” I know ,I know….you dont have to tell me I was there and sober….sigh….

Ash went to the shitter after telling some cletis clone while pointing at me like some beer fueled Charlton Heston sans hair, that “Thats not a man you fool!” and so on.The second dude who

made the same mistake tonite? I just went “Outside!” untill he freaked out.Ross dropped another beer, Ash tried to tell me what I was thinking yet again, they went outside to blow yet another fuckin free spliff and in the company of an Ann Margret-esque Red head named Sheryl ,fell into a cab driven by a frightened looking indian man and went to a stripclub.

The end [as we know it….]

If they wake me up telling me how much they love me at 6am? I am gonna go postal.

So,at least half of my band took its “Motley Crue” pills today.

Alas I was not one of them.

It is now 3 somthing in the morning and there is a dude behind me looking at hardcore porn and the owner is flaked out behind the counter yet again.The excitement is really far to much for me.I have slept away another week and had a low grade freak out when Mikey stood grave in the bathroom doorway and told me that he is out of here in 18 days.Holy shit. I wish that I was heading back for the summer but Like Ross put it we have gotta stay here till its all done.I dont mind I guess.once I pull that bank job……

A good party to go to tommrow nite.Dylan sikfuk and all round hottie is having a birthday bash.I wonder if Big mike will throw the fridge at anyone??? What ever happens it wont be boring.That is MY job.I mean fuckin LOOK at me.Friday nite and I am in a net cafe with a pervert batting off a few seats away.Stellar aint it? Got a most welcome email from Mr Matt R back downunder who is keen for photos and at least 1000 damnning words from the steaming smutt heap that is the world of tourettes.Bless his rockin sox.I will clean my act up and get typing.

Did not end up getting my ink this week as my chick bits are rioting [ read;on the rag] and I know that any inked ladies who are reading this will know that that is the WORST time to go under the needle.Delux is gonna brek out the camera when I go and get some stunning tourettes TV.I really want to get both arms done at once.Always wanted to know if I could handle that or if I would just barf on myself like a big loser.Trying to get the cover art sorted and we still dont have a title.The working tile has been,with a smirk for a few weeks now..”Rocky mountain low”

EWWWW! The porno dude just woke up the counter jockey….to ask for a tissue.

I did not read ABOUT this in the contract baby.

We also have a song called “Rod-fuckin’-stewart” Betcha he sues.

Miss Jessi M dropped me a line and it was good to hear that she is still out there and flyin the flag.Told me that M4TB has been shifted to Feb.Looks like we will still be on this side of the planet.Moo!…My, how this year has flown.

I am gonna go and steal more garden gnomes for the living room.
Because I fuckin can.

Dont get none on ya.