I swear that I tried to get up today.

Bless the Finches.Thats Miss Annies clan.They fed me and sent me rolling home last night with BAGS of books and being the glutton that I am I stayed up till sunrise reading.Thats the thing that I miss the most….books.

My stuff reads like the most diabolical wad of monkey spank when compared to my mighty bass god.How good is Uprooted???.As he was saying we have had the house to ourselves a real lot of late.Me ,clapped out on orange peoke tea and him blissfully stoned we staged a “Read-in” in the spirt of all that is beat and rolls its own ciggerettes while wearing a beret,in paris….somthing,somthing….anyway.He let me read his work out loud and kiss his talented butt.It was all very arty farty and I dug it a great deal.The poem about the greek cop? I rest my case.

I dropped by the studio tonight but its not as if I really knocked that loud.Its a weird position to be in as Ash really is in the drivers seat and there is nothing that any of us can do for him.It makes Me see red when he gets pissy and complains about it though….he is looking so beat ,the poor cunt.We are all just trying to get there.

Mikey seems to be a bit happier about his work in there.Its great what a few big fights will do for you.I havent even left yet and I am already wondering what it is gonna be like when we all reconvine here at the end of Feb.Delux and Endre were talking about how many shows we are gonna have to nail next year and I sigh with relief cause that is all that I ever wanted anyway.

Just play.That is the one thing that I swore when I cast myself on this sonic pyre all those moons ago.Do it live or dont do it at fuckin all.

I figure if I sit here much longer this is all gonna fold so I will fuck off now.