So much is going on.
The couple of days that I got to spend at The Strapping compound were out of this world.I sang my ass out.So cool. Gene has been taking A-one care of me as always.We have been closing bars down all over this city.I have seen the sunrise every day.I have a severe case of “Keith Richads-itis”.
Getting ready to play the Waldorf this Saturday.
Cant wait,
Just Cause are totally amazing.
On yeah.I am on the rag and that means that Delux is as well.He is sitting two seats down from me writing postcards and iIgotta pay for his net use.I bleed and he gets to be a cunt? I have never worked that one out but its just the way it goes….
Mikey is over at Skeezer-ville studios and Manning has got the shits with Me yet again and is recording.
tells me to fuck off cause, quote, “Your so fucking rude…”
Lets all take a moment to file that under “Duh!” shall we?
Thank you.
I gotta blow this pop stand but I swear I will be back to give y’all the super SYL fable as soon as I can.
I am gonna get delux a chocolate on the way home…I hear that it helps with the cramps.
To all that are flinging the talk…BDO? Cant say yet.
When are we comming back?
More of the above.
Keep on everyones asses out there for us.We depend on y’all to keep pushing while we are gone.Keep on the forums and request lines.You rule and we owe ya.
Keep your eyes pealed for the new clip for “Dont blame me”
Mohalk boy is getting pissy i gotta go.