If ya wanna ride baby,ride the wild horse…

 -Kyuss I

 would like to open this rant by begging for Money/Tattoos/More money and a shed somewhere. Thank you. I am figuring that the road is pretty much the least indulgent place you could ever find yourself.

Cant remember who said it but it is allabout the other 23 hours in the fucking day……. Ran into a bunch of trustafarian Emo punks last night…..Please dont let that be a sign of inpending doom.They played like old people fuck anyway and then they come out and look down at me.

Yeah…yeah…yeah…. Saw a lanky punk boy who was taller that me!

We both sized each other up in shock.It was kinda funny.

I guess that I just get used to looking at peoples dandruff. I dunno what the date is as I cannot read Korean and I have lost my worksheet as always.Its a few days since my last sad assed effort thats for sure.

Woke up after dreaming of huge boob implants and ants on a picnic to Delux regailing the Bus of tales of his nocturnal tussles with Ash over a fine Nubian Princess.

I rolled over and went back to reading my book.Went on a hike throuh the very lush country side to get here today.I followed the rail tracks.Kind of like a one woman version of “Stand by me”. But not at all.Which reminds me that Delux once had a life size poster of River Phoenix lovingly tacked to the back of his door.The mind boggles does it not?.

He took my last fifty cents before he bailed so I better type fast.

I found heaps of really cool places to hide a body if the need ever arises…some times I feel like I am making great strides towards THAT day, lemme tell ya…..I think roadkill is cool but trainkill? Awsome.I think I was looking at a dog..dont quote me……for about a mile.A paw here,an ear there.

I got some photos and whistled Ben.e.King all the way here.So much blood.Smell was pretty ripe as well.

This place is lush and when I hear that train I get a jones to write country songs.I am just glad that I made it out of bed to tell the truth.I have had a real motherfucker of a dark cloud hanging round me…wait!

Thats just Mike! kidding!

We got a lock out for the next week in this most skeezy studio.Moi? Love it even if I dont sing cause the PA is shot to shit.

[ “Price check on cool aid…”]

I just lean on the coke machine pretending to look enigmatic.Its the look that makes old people say “Cheer up love! It might never happen” So much for cool. Ted,the dude who runs it endeared himself to me off the bat.

He was twiching like a crackhead and then explained in rather colorful venacular that he had a hot date and had to get going. heh. They have no concept of sound proofing in this country.

7 rooms 7 bands…I will leave it up to your imagination.

Delux looked pained but from where I was curled on the stairs it was all good.I am calm when surrounded by that much noise.A bunch of crusty punks with Eye-hate-god damage on speed invited me to their show at the Astoria on Saturday nite.

Viking me is totally up for it. Mike has finally calmed down or found Deluxes stash of benzos…Dont know which but I am profoundly greatful.Onto the skytrain to drum his ass off every day now.Good shit.Dave hired us a van for the week.Natch when we pealed out last nite we decided to go on a recon.The anorexic locust contingent were rubbing their hind legs together in the back seat so we made a pit stop at Wendys and rolled down town. Downtown Vancover is a real sight to behold.

In the early 90’s crack hit hard here and for a 12 block radius it is like Ramiros “Night of the living dead” I heard that they shut down the local bughouse round the same time and just let em go onto the steet. So what you are looking at is every type of disorder with a habit and nothing to loose.

Saw this woman with a hunch back in shorts and a sports bra…and This was not a warm night…staggering across the road to find her next rock. It reminded me of a more skanky Alphebet city.Kinda like Algiers in NOLA.

These streets are teaming.

Thing is,if I had to live here that is where I would naturally head for.Sick but true.We did a poster run the other day [ some things never change] and made our way to the Brickyard where we are playing with Just Cause this weekend. First off they had Lynard Skynard playing.Instant points.This is a chicken wire situation.

I fell for it the second we rambled through the door.Circular bar and red lights.The kind of place where they hang a sign above the trough saying “Dont eat the big mint…” We postered all empty surfaces ,pulled up a pew and ordered a round from the lovely Thurza who gave us a run down on the neigbourhood. She has been working there for 6 years and had all the stories to go with it.[“If ya see a big fat dude in a wheelchair dont give him shit! That motherfucker can walk!” ]

It was then that Cowboy across the bar said. “There is a body down in the park…” “Anyone we know” Asked Thurza. “Well” drawled Cowboy “Its kinda hard to say” “Why? What does she look like” Demnded our barkeep ,hands on hips. “Purple Thuza,She looked purple.”

No one reported it so she coulda been there all week,I may go down to the river and see if she is still there after the show. I knew that we were in the right place when I spotted the first fit on the pavement.That orange cap that heralds your arrivaI in shitholes the planet over. Empty bottle snatched up fast for the refunds.Homless people you can smell before you see em’. I am a card carrying unashamed squalor feind.

I belive in hotels that charge by the hour and jaded whores.Sue me.When ever shit is to clean pure or new I can smell the decay.That is where the real rot lies.Behind the display home lies and $799 “nothing to pay” lounge settings. That is the cling wrapped shit that makes me jump at the smallest noise…But gimme red neon and a note book and I will give you the world.Angels dancing on the head of a pin baybee, The Misfits are playing here soon.

Dez from my beloved Black Flag is in the line up.So many shows and soooo little money. Makes me with that I had some rello that liked me [“Oh stop!!! My fucking SIDES!”] anyway,they could be loaded and totally understanding enough of my freak flag flying ass to, I dunno, Die, and leave me enough dosh to swing like a gate till I buy the farm….Yeah.

Then I woke up with my hand down my pants again….. I start robbing people or dealing drugs….HA! Yeah right! I am gonna take my sober ass bar hopping tonite with Gene.Cant stay on that goddamed bus all the time. I dig you letters so! Keep the faith. SF4L Michele.