In a rust cape/ I ran to the water/

Panic / A bird loose inside Me / I never found you in silence and liquid / And I miss you endless….


I am nailing y’all from a Koren netcafe in downtown Vancover.I feel like I am in some neon drenched out take from Bladerunner.Not such a bad thing.I ran into Delux and Smash on the way here and they infromed me that I gotta be back at 5 cause Dave has scored us a lock out on a roon for the week which will hopefully stop Mikey from crossing the line into what I am sure to him would be justifable homicide.Hes got that flinchy eye action happening at the moment so I keep my head low.I know whats fuckin good for me.

Our trailer park,much to the disapointment of my romantic heart, is really upscale.I was hoping for fat people in stained white underwear,drinking 40oz Nighttrains sitting in lawnchairs…..I would felt like I had reached some kinda mecca ya know?

Oh well.

Thanx for all birthday wishes from all round the world.Y’all manage to touch me in places that I dont even wash…..

Delux and I ventured out to get a nine volt battery last niht and got home 7 hours later.
Components to this adventure?
Korean food.
Irish pubs
Flat beer
Pink baseball caps.
Peeing on the wall at Sears
The best of Queen
Thrift shops
Lack of Karoke
Fat chicks dressed like Paris hilton
A suet faced goth girl
french fries
Stupid dancing.

I gotta get gone.Sorry that this is not the roadburn epic that y’all deserve.I got a whole mess of grey shit flying round in my bruised brain.

I will make it up to ya’ll.

If I sit here any longer its gonna get ALL wrong and I dont feel like cutting that vein today.