And this is another song all about ME!

-Stupid here at the Newtown show.

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep an eye out for the tie that bind
Because your mine
I walk the line.
[aka;His lordship on high ect,ect.]

Two amazing shows over 48 hours and as always I thank you from the bottom of my pirates heart.[“Arghhhhh!”]I saw so many people that I have not seen in so long at the Newtown show and it was truly bitter sweet.I dont know when we are all going to be together again…I am making this sound like the end of “Grease” aint I! Sorry!

Lets make the most of what we got Ok?

Ok I will start at 3 somthing this morning when me and Mike pealed back into Chez Rock after a magic show up the ‘gong.Thank you to all who showed up with their amazing energy and drove us to sonic meltdown on a stage the size of a milk crate.Thanx to Ohana who gave me back spider web and ruby strung memories of Jeff Buckly breaking my heart on dusty long ago stages.Antonio the great for going the extra mile and making it sound like Wembly!!!!

Hope that all [Yes You Miss Susan! Stage diving queen.] Had a great time at the high Voltage fest in Smackcentral.[ Aka;Melbourne.] So much fucking great Australian bands doin’ there thing.Gives me an aural girl boner! Keep going and seeing it all.
Go and check out the interview that me and Mikey did on Mike?
a god.
A tool.

To everyone who took the time to talk to Me after the show.I thank you.Your stories ,dreams and faith are the most precious of all things and knowing that you are out there in the boondocks living it every day [ And belive Me when I tell you that I know what it feels like ’cause I came from much of the same….] Stay true and it will serve you well. It will be great to come and play for you again.

Stay in touch…ya’ll family now! Thanx to the Big A for the show and damn my beloved Pod People for having to play Melbourne.Before I start really chewing your ears off I want to send a get well to one of the finest front men I have ever known.Tony Van Roth,take it easy with your broken self and take care.To any of you Bloodduster fans out there Tony came a cropper at a show in Gelong a few weeks ago so hit the site and send him your best..

Me and Mike rock in at sparrows fart after the ‘gong to find the amazing B* ensconsed on the sofa of doom with most of the Hell city glamours looking like a cat with a gob fulla canary! I dread to think what Archie was up to except I am sure that it could get you arrested in most of the more tradiditioal southern states in the US.That and Oscar giving all lead singers a bad name by spending the nite flaked out on the floor.Robbie and Mo as always were total gentlemen and much rock trivia and assorted bullshit went on untill well after sunrise.

I took it apon myself to inform them that they are like the untrainable puppy in the pound of rock which tickled them no end! If you are out Bondi way they will be cutting sick with Demolition High style this comming sunday.[Hey Scott!]
Go and check it out and dont forget to say hi to the B* if you see her there as she is getting her kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.She is leaving within 2 weeks…sniff.

“Why are you going to Guam babe?” I sighed ,arms crossed behind my head continplating the mold that has been growing across our bedroom cealing.I am convinced that it is Joe Strummer trying to contact me from the other side.But that is a whole other story. “Because its there.”She sighed.
I guess that is a fucking good a reason as any.
I have a feeling that many wild oates are to be sown….


The RSL show.
Primo room that.I dont think that I am gonna do the cordless mike again.I felt like a mutated gameshow host! but I cannot thank all the other acts that were on with us enough and all the people that came.I know that there were alot of cool things going down that nite so when you decide that we are the deal for that nite it means everything.I got to many highlights screaming round in my head so dont get pissed at me if I leave you out but this is some of the shit that my addled brain remembers….You were ALL amazing.

Miss Karen playing The Rollins band,seeing Lena happy,The Princess and Miss Renno and co making the treck in,Nanda getting Skot shitfaced,Wonjo,Marty and Miss Ceila,Sweden and Bolt and the bubble,AW getting better every fucking time,the look on Markc Sikfuks face [x],Miss Yvette ,Miss Jack the Aw mistress,Miss Maggie putting her awsome band back together,Miss Shelia giving me a pen that looks like a loaded syringe that makes all who see it gag!,Darling Matt style King,The Fasterlouder crew,Mikeys crash hitting the floor one song in,The light show of doom,Sam SF jumping on stage for “Allergic”,New sikfuks and old alike,and last but not least ya’ll screaming ‘Kill em all and let God sort em OUT!” back at Me.


Ya’ll really have no idea how great you are and what you mean to all of us as a band and how much I for one am gonna miss ya’ll.

I am writing and trying to get well at the moment.Delux found me a doctor that I dont belive is the antichrist for a change so I am making a bit of headway on that front.Ash is telling Me that he is gonna burn me a copy of the 40 odd [ in more ways that bloody one!] songs that we have been writing since the BDO.All the bits that are dreck are Moi.The good shit is Manning and the boys.So to all you sikfuks who are on the SF site we will have more for you to download real soon….

Throwing out a thanx to Mike at in America for bestowing the honnor of us being the first feature band. A cool site that just keeps getting better.If you dig it extreem go check it out! And “Damage” getting an airing on rage.Cool as Fuck! Every time you guys vote and show your support it just pushes it all harder!

Happy 4th of July To all The Sikfuks out in the US.
Toddski and Goochmonster?
Have a brew for me!
It will be so good to see you again.Thanks to for all writing Me from the US and Canada.Cant wait to hook up with ya’ll on the road.It is gonna be a blinder.

Big congrats to Nath from Stolckholm Syndrome and his beautiful woman on the birth of their Son Jet.And while on the subject go and check out his new record store “Paint it Black” on Enmore Rd in Newtown.Rose Tattoo live in 81’ for 11 bucks!!! This shop now has the Blackie and Michele stamp of ‘ARGHHHH!!!” all over it.Great staff ,Great Zines and mega sounds……

Listening to:
G’n’R bootlegs.
Janes Addiction
“Exile on Main street”
Led Zep 1 and 3
The Shine
Black Flag
The White Album
The Black crows

“All the selves I was” Michele Roberts.
“Choke” Chuck Palahunk
‘Pissing in the gene pool” H.Rollins.
“Selected poems” DH Lawerence
“Lennon” Albert Goldman

The last one I am totally ashamed of. I hope that he is roasting in hell. Fuck with Elvis? Yeah…I am gonna have an issue or two with you….

I gotta go .B* just made me a Tea for Me in between skinning up for her fine self and sticking ‘High Fidelity” Back in the Video…..She is the bomb.
See ya soon.Need me ? Write.
Stay true….