Do you think that you will always be famous?

No, But we will always remember us.
– Nigel Tufnel 1985.

God will not look you over for medals, degrees and diplomas, but for scars!
-Elbert Hubbard 1927.

Looks like I got me a ring side seat to the resurection then dont it?Think I will be washing my hair that day……….

Oh HO! Have I ever told you guys what a spoilt snot I am? hmmmm? [ Like you couldnt work it out???] Nope! Didnt think so…. I am getting all G’d up as the infamous B* and myself prepare to rock the fuck out this comming week-end. Nothing like a backstage pass to put a smile on my dile. Thank you Larry. You rule!

Hey Louise! Yeah…I remember all those spacy emails that you wrote me so thanx for writing about The Rolling Stone thing…Thanx To EVERY one who has written me about that!!!!. Jason? You are the 1st person to get me to sign somthing like that…you got me to swoon!!! I am blushing. Well…not blushing per say…just smiling in the midst of a low grade freak out?…yeah! that sounds about right!

Anyone who tells you that all this “…Is a drag and I want to be alone and wawawawawawawa…ect”? Is totally fulla shit and should have a cow prod forcefully inserted in them.
Lying cunts!

Weddings freak me out. I have to much time on my hands to think about shit like this……you are legally obligated to like someone!@!##. Have I got this right?? I am so fucking tired I would have a hard time telling my ass from a hole in the ground right now to tell the truth ‘cept my ass is most likely bigger.It is early as all shit cause Mikey just fell down the stairs to go to work and I can hear him fuck asssing round in the kitchen making his school lunch. Soooo sweet. The B star is passed out next to the guitar that Wonjo gave me upstairs…I will try and get a photo, looks sooo sweet. She has got me so well trained on the “Get me Snickers or dont bother comming home front” Spooky.

Note to self; Do note use the word “Wart” in a wedding speech.

Listening to all the new stuff and doing the ‘Wembly” effect. What?! You dont know about the “Wembly” effect? Get outta here!!! Surely you jest? Its known as the “Cobo hall” affect if you reside in the USA. If you do it right it can take HOURS but that includes all the rigging and lighting and we dont have the time to go into it here..Lemme tell ya…there has been many a time people have thought that I was doing sweet fuck all lying on the sofa, eyes half mast, snoring gently…but little did they know of the seething HIVE of Mega watt activitity taking place in my rock addled cranium!

No sleep till bloody Hammersmith indeed Sir Lemmy!

I am geek enough to admit this…the “Wembly/ Cobo hall” effect is when you play the show to finish all shows in your imagination. Pyros?, flash pots?, Chicks in cages?, spinning drum kits?!!!…Check,check.check and CHECK! WHY THE HELL NOT!!!! Fuck it man!!! It rules!!!! That is what I have been doin’ with all the new songs….imagining what they are gonna feel like up there.[ “HELLLLLLOOOOOO CLEVELAND!@!%!!!!!” ] You are talking to a woman who has played to 2 people and a dog after 6 cowpunk bands at a beer barn in Bris Vegas….and lived…Fuck it man! Think big!!!

Its my brain and I can do what I want up there!

back to thinking big……….

Which, by the way, is what I think my AWOL Guitar god is up to at the moment. He said somthing about writing, and I quote ” More Crunchy riffs babe ,gimme a week….” and the last I saw he was conspiring with Crusty camera boy ace video director Matt by the toilets at the last Annandale show and now all I know is that I have got to sing under water!!…Very “Titanic” that dontcha think??? I am gonna freeze my fucking tits off!

Ahhh! Rock and roll! Its my life! its my wife! Who said that?…mind failing…Shit! One holiday and the boy is back and kicking ass! Rossco! Wooooo! I am like you SF’s ,meaning that I tend to find out about every-fucking-thing through the site. Gigs ahoy! Gimme gimme gimmme!

I am gonna go and try and get some sleep.Keep the imput a-rollin’ cause I dig it!Thanks to all who wrote me about Martin..Aim all your good vibes at Auckland NZ ok? They really need it out there. Go see the mans work at He was and is a master.

I remain….