“Hey Lady! Have you ever had your asshole licked by a fat dude in a trench coat?”

You never know what is enough unlesss you know what is more than enough.
-Willam Blake [1790]

Ross, You rule for putting up with me sending you all this beligerant missspelt drivel. I salute you.
– Me ,Tonite.

Godamn!!!!…. finding a cure for Suday-its is up there with “The check is in the mail” or “I wont come in your mouth” All in all what I am telling you is it is a lie.

My ass is wearing a groove in the hardwood floor in our living room and I just lie there looking at the plaster work on the cealing. The B* and myself declared that today is “National blunt day”….she looks so cute passed out on the sofa….I am always “Blunt” so to speak so its just another day at the office for me…Got word that Uncle Larry and Miss Cassie are raising hell in Melbourne on the Incubus tour and I was woken up this afternoon by one very timid drummer to fall down the stairs to sign bits of paper with all the band here. Me in my stained Tyler Durdin robe and the bootleg Slayer t shirt and track pants that I sleep in.Sexy non? I think that there are birds nesting in my dreads and when pray tell when did Jack Black become so unbarably sexy? see? Fuckin’ sundays man…First the Catholics go and ruin it and then I get struck down by a malaise that I am making up just cause I cant be assed to do anything.

Oh man…Make that “Dread” non plural dig?

There are a few of you sikfuks who would give a kidney to be listening to what is blaring through my head set right now….Final cut Pro pro my darlins’!!! YEAH!!!! and just as I predicted all the shit that I love the band hate. Look, I want you to tell me cause we are gonna roll these babys out real soon… hopefully but dont hold me to it,at the next show which by the way is gonna rule. The new singer for the most Stellar Flesh Mechanich is one Jessi Merdoch and I have said it before, this is one of the best metal voices you are ever gonna hear so you are a total cock smoker if you dont make it there early. Not only that but the opening band One shot kill? Lead by Gaz ther dreadlocked terror are killer as well. Just fuckin’ be there allright and none of this “Dog ate my home work” shit eather.

Lotta dread action on stage that night…could go into a free for Bob Marley jam….
“I WANNA LOVE YA…LOVE AND…” …Lets just move on shall we?

Damn…Two of my best friends just got married. I did that once and failed. Dont think that it was him. Hell no man! It was Me. I said that it was a long shot and I was right. Look. The way I see it is some people are “Hopeless romantics” and some are “Useless Romantics” Lets just say that I file myself under the latter.

IF that! I just get spastic bowel clenching crushes.

Watched all the “Revenge of the nerds” movies tonite. “Police Acacdemy ” Next week! Thats Right !! We are swingin’ like a gate at Chez rock. See ya’ll thought that it was lear jets and coke huh? Sorry to bust ya bubbles….As my friends the Shine say “hookers and taxis” and that is poetry.

If you have not checked out “Feind” magizine yet you need a good kick up the quoit. Miss Alexx and her fearless team are breaking their goth balls to give you dark spooky kids a rag of your own so get out there and get it.

End of add.
Fuck ya’s….

I dunno if you who read this have a big bunch of people that ya hang with….I dont. But I am doin’ that thing again…that culling thing…. shit…..Moving targets…To digress…All these new songs are about or for specific people! Aint that a thing! I know that they wont work it out…that or the wrong people will claim songs that dont have a damn thing thing to do with them….but to all devoted to the art of 6 string wankerey are gonna need a clean up commettee after hearing this lot. Mr Ash Manning has outdone himeself on the fretboard jack off .And it Rules! The last time I delt with this many solos was that live G’nR thing at Wembley when Slash was fried on mexican and tried to go the Peter Frampton route. Funny shit is I still dont… We still dont know what is gonna make the album till we run it past yall…no shit. There was so much stuff we cut last run cause it did not feel right live.

Or one of you Sf’s told me sucked dogs….You guys SO fuckin’ rule.

All I know is that I got alot more writing in me before we blow this burg. Miss S sent me a snippet of what she is doing with all my photos…Oh man!! It is gonna look so good and if any one has got any incriminating photos of us out on the road feel free to send em’ to her at www.sikfuks.com It all adds up and helps my fried,tired brain to remember what we have done and been.

Look like we got a home town show comming up. We finally get to play with Pod. Cool. On my old stomping ground…remember? The one that I siad that I would never go back to?…hehehehe…. Besides that you aint gonna see me for dust. Did I ever tell ya’ll that “Children of the corn ” theory I have got about that place’? It is alot more solid that My “Starwars is an intergalactic gay love triliogy” Which, by the way got a boyfriend so pissed off that he dumped me. Truth hurts.Hans wanted Luke and Leia was a fag hag… fell free to ask Me about this….. pop quiz….

I have got far too much time on my hands and Ash keeps telling me that he is gonna get me the BDO footage. Yeah…on my death bed. Looks like the amazing filmclip machine is gonna be swinging back into action. Cool. Matt and Matt are gonna style it [natch!] Me in a dress!!..Wet!! Snort! last time I wore a dress? Shudder! but this is gonna be cool! Underwater filming! Yey! jail cell!! I am never happy untill there is blood in there so I am gonna hafta work that into the story when no one is looking.

Nice to have Rossco back again. He looks at me like somthing that a cat coughed up but ya can even grow to miss that after a while. At least he is off the shitter. He and Ash went to a wedding today. Ash is a pisser. He always walks up to the bride and doom [and no,that was not a spelling mistake. ] And offers his “Condolances”. Love that shit. He was late to mine. No one is ever gonna get that one down the aisle. Moi? Again? File that under fuck no. I cant even be fucked with a relationship outside my band.

I got this theory that the one you want never wants you anyway so why bother?. Just write a heap of down tuned songs complaining about it. Emosexuls man! Emo screamo!! bahahaha!!! Ok, sure beating off gets a bit boring after the fact but lets look at the “Smiley happy ” altertive shall we? NOT! Everyone I know in a relationship is sucidal and paying shit off. Yey! Sex and a new sofa. Hola! An overdraft!! Woooo!

Someone once said to me that”…no one would want to be Mr/Ms Michele anyway…” Good fuckin’ point that. Good and sharp. Gimme all that truth! Fuck B* looks cute! She snores like a kitten. I snore like a mac truck going into 3rd gear on a hill.

I left the sad shit till last. I want to send my condolences to the many friends and family of one very talented and much missed Martin “Fuckin'” Emond who passed away suddenly in Hollywood this week. His artwork and Clothing through His label “Illicit” Inspired and touched many people including myself and the B* the world over. His comic book “Whittrash” Ruled so totally. His work was untouchable and he will be so missed.RIP.

I shit you not but the “Unplugged” sessions start here next week end. If I was not such a fucking athiest I would ask god to have mercy on us all. Well. Mostly on the neigbours.B* Says “Mostly” like Nute the little girl of “Aliens” and it cracks me up…
See! Small things do amuse small minds…
Oh Man…
One more movie then bed…….
The sun is gonna be up soon…Pft!.
Ps. Gabba Gabba hey.