The words she knows, the tune she hums……..

Elton John.

I am never gonna get it all worked out and I know this to be true, for in the eye of every shitstorm there is one of you SF’s that manages and fucked if I know how, to renew somthing in Me.

You with you “Hey,I am no one but I saw you play….”

E-mails. Man! I send those fucking emails too. And none of you are no-one to Me. Shit! Most of my life I have been no one to fucking anyone and here you all come.

Singing my songs back at me. Writing me telling me the shit that you cant tell anyone. I am Honoured. Did you know that? You honour me with the way that you hear Me and see some of the same and see through some of the same shit as me….

I dont know if you save me. I dont think that anyone can save anyone to tell the truth but I do know that ya’ll have patched Me up quite a few times.

For this I thank you.

I had one hell of a day yesterday. That bassgod of mine turned another year hotter and wiser.One day? One day Delux I am gonna throw you another party and this time you get to keep your clothes on at midnight OK? I could never imagine looking to my left and not seeing you there, however blurry.Happy Birthday.

One of the most important Men in My life got married yesterday. Not only that, but to one of the only women that I know and I also adore. I wore a suit and signed on the dotted line for them both. It was one of the biggest moments of my life.

Tell ya…it was hard not to cry…..

Blackie and Nanda? I wish you both nothing but the best and sorry about my crap speech on the boat. You both rock my world and now you can get down and keep on rocking each others. You are both fucking beautiful and mean more to me that I will…
a] Ever let on.
b] Can put into words.

And now here I am Rocking out to The Who [ “Tommy” for all that need facts!] at 4 somthing in the morning and as A Stephen King Character once said…”Thinkin’ my thinks…..” The ever beautiful B* is upstairs reading in the pigsty we call our room after a nite of glutting on Rock movies. Mike and Lex are passed out and a band meeting on Sunday……get me outta here!!!. I want to be out there with ya’ll doin’ it every night. I am talking about rockin out here! We have gotta be all grown up and sort shit out for our world domination. For about and hour tops and then I will sink back into my usual moronic state of grace. Got the house to myself tommrow night! Coool.Pop Quiz on the White Trash cowgirl here…Lets see how you do……

Q] Tommrow nite I am gonna ……

a] Stay in bed reading and writing filthy lyrics about one certain foot soilder of the flannel clad rock army that will NEVER make the 3rd slab?
b] Drum along to all of ‘Raw power’ by candlelight, wearing hot pants and The Stooges tee shirt that I stole in Melbourne ?
c] Call everyone that I miss in the states and get all the dirt?or
d] Clean the house?

If you answered
a] Well,yeah…erm….lets move onto “B” shall we?
b] A dead cert for a sat nite alone.
c] Costs tooooo much. [ e-mail me G-monster! Todski NYC !]
d] How long have you been smoking crack? Rehab is a valid option……
,p>Fuck this! I am going to bed!